The question isn’t, why are people dumping water on their heads to raise awareness for a disease? It’s more like, why is this the only disease getting so much awareness? Or, why do people need to be guilt tripped into donating to charity? Or, why are people not realizing that they are wASTING GALLONS UPON GALLONS OF WATER OVER THEIR HEADS WHILE SOME DONT HAVE CLEAN WATER TO DRINK. EVER. WTF????????????¿

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what a beautiful day to not be in high school



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When you wake up and think you’re late for school

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One direction and 5sos in boston😘😍👌 5sos-official



Roughly a month previous to this time last year, I cannot possibly put into words how much of a wreck I’d become. It sure as hell took its toll on me, watching person after person screw me over and walk out of my life, seeing every good thing that came my way turn to absolute shit sooner than later. I’d had enough, I had given up on even giving a shit about myself. Then this brilliantly beautiful young woman came to me, and it seemed like overnight, took over every aspect of my life, in the best possible way. And today, we’ve been able to celebrate an entire year of being able to call her my spectacular girlfriend, with the utmost pride. I have never, ever been so comfortable and so content with anything in my life the way I have since I’ve been with her. She showed me the negativity had no place in my future, and she is everything that’s helped me move forward. No matter what stress comes my way, she has put me in a better place in life than I’ve ever experienced before. I am absolutely, undeniably in love with this girl. I love her with everything I have, and not a single day throughout our year together has that faltered or changed, in any way but to become stronger. I didn’t get to spend much of today with you unfortunately, but did get to spend it and every day looking back on how far we’ve come both individually and together, and I can’t see a single minute of it with any regret. Still to this day, you overwhelm me with butterflies, more than you even know. I can’t imagine my life without you, can’t fathom spending it with anyone but you, and don’t ever plan to. You bring me joy every single day. Your arms, and your heart, are my home. You make me happy to be alive. I love you and absolutely adore you, sweetheart, and I always will. Thank you for being the perfect pup to this kitten, for all this time. I can only hope we have nothing but an eternity together ahead of us.